Anonymous: Ahh i totally understand trials are the shittest! i bombed out to! however my question was much easier then yours, im just not to smart academic wise, im dreading paper 2 tomorrow! Wishing you good vibes and vibrations, you can do it (: Hope a wave of knowledge comes through you whilst sitting in the examination room tomorrow, wishing you the best

Thank you :( I’m literally so depressed I haven’t memorised any of my essays and I’m so screwed I’m so ducking dumb UHH

Anonymous: just remember to not let one exam knock you down. i had sort of a similar question actually (lil easier tho), it was 'An individuals sense of belonging inherently changes as the places around them change' or some fucking bull crap. Good luck with the rest of your exams, hope you smash them :)

Ugh that could be ok with my texts but not with one of my related texts. This is so shit

Anonymous: hey ines, sorry to hear about your exam today, but keep your head up, you'll totally ace the rest of them!!! if this question isn't too invasive, may i ask if you've gained weight this year??? (I don't know you personally, so I'm not saying anything like that), but im also doing hsc and i've put on like 4 kg over this year, 2 of which being just from the lead up to trials!!!

I don’t care and I don’t know and I don’t give a fuck

  • cyberbully: transfer your lunch money to my paypal, nerd
Anonymous: doesn't that just mean where your place is in the world, like where you belong... not physically where you are. thats a good question!

even if it did mean that, that still wouldn’t relate at all.
I’m going to kindly ask you to fuck off cause i really don’t need this

Anonymous: what was your question? like how could it be that messed up???

because my school purposefully makes them really hard

Anonymous: what was your essay question? my paper 1's tomorrow!!

'belonging means knowing where you are and why'

where am i????? hello where am i??? would be the only fucking thing in the novel if they didn’t know where they were. so fucked
good luck

Anonymous: argh hsc sounds so intense but seriously keep up studying - think about getting into uni and going to college and having heaps of fun and just make that motivate you! i know it's so easy for one shitty exam to just make you lose ALL motivation (because I do it all the time) but i have this trick where i just visualise myself going into the exam and acing it just before i actually go into the exam and for some reason it makes me perform better?! good luck xxx

Thank you !! I know I gotta be more positive cause confidence is kind of the key in English xxxx thank you

Anonymous: heres a msg to make you feell better- i finished last year and for my trials our school writes their own papers (fellow eastern suburber) and anyway i studied quite hard for it from what i thought and when i got the result back i failed i cant remember the mark but i remember being hysterical afterwards because our school marks so insanely hard but anyway moral of the story in the HSC i ended up getting in high 80's for eng, no stress you are smart!! xx GOODLUCK for the rest too

Yeah hopefully it scales me up because other schools ones like catholic trials were SO easy ! Thanks for this! Actually made me feel a lot better xxxx

Anonymous: You might feel stressed now but imagine how well you'll do in the actual hsc (you'll be fine!!) I've seen you at the library before and was tempted on asking you to be my study buddy :( GOODLUCK for tmoro x

Hahaha what library ?? Thank you xx

catories: Don't worry honey we have tomorrow to redeem ourselves or at least attempt to x

:( fml cause I haven’t started my modules

Anonymous: Do do you do standard or advanced English? xx

Advanced and extension

Anonymous: I did paper 1 today and our question was: A strong sense of belonging can have positive or negative impacts on an individual. Something along those lines anyway. Then I have paper 2 on thurs

Holy fuck what the hell you are so lucky that is possibly the easiest thing I’ve ever seen that it like regurgitate your essay right there omg WHat

Anonymous: I've done vce (finished in 2012) and can safely say that your HSC English seems ridiculously intense, good work on whatever you did get done because it all sounds so demanding! Xx

its so stupidly intense.. like 2 exams with four essays, a creative writing and a comprehension… so dumb i feel like shit :(
thank you x

shimmering-sea: I had my English today and I bullshitted the whole thing, and I'm pretty sure I made up a few of my quotes as well haha xx

oh my god i made up SO many quotes, because the fucking question had nothing to do with one of my related texts!! i literally changed the whole plot of the fucking novel… originally my essay was about how he doesnt belong and then i FUCKING CHANGED IT and the quotes saying that he does… omg it was terrible

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